Construction Equipment


ESTE TEAM d.o.o. is able to offer you the following products for construction sector:

Steel ropes, thimbles, chain slings, swivel hooks, hooks, shackles, vertical and horizontal pincers for sheet metal with load capacity 10 – 60 kN, turnbuckles, wire rope clips, cable clamps, tirfor winches, V-belts, bearings etc.

ESTE TEAM d.o.o. is especially proud of long-standing successful cooperation with steel wire rope producer UNIS – USHA, Višegrad, Republic of Srpska. Ropes are produced in accordance with the technology of partner company USHA-MARTIN INDUSTRIES LTD, India, which is one of the biggest producers of wire and steel rope in the world. Ropes designed and manufactured in Višegrad are characterized by guaranteed quality and durability. Factory disposes of its own laboratory verified to issue certificates for its products. An additional convenience is that products are sold with delivery included.

In cooperation with one of the leading suppliers of light machinery and equipment for the construction industry, SIMA S.A., Spain, we were able to add the following lines of machinery to our sales program:

  • Construction material cutters – cutting tables with diamond blade and circular saws for cutting of different materials, such as marble and granite, concrete elements, roof tiles, ceramic, porcelan, bricks and wood.
  • Machines for surface treatment – floor saws for cutting of concrete and asphalt, concrete power trowels, core drills, industrial vacuum cleaners.
  • Rebar processing machines – benders, shears, stirrup benders, rebar tiers and cutters.