DJ 6.6

DONATONI DJ 6.6 is a cutting center with combined technology (blade + waterjet) and 5 interpolated axes, which is extremely versatile and suitable for manufacturing a wide range of items made of marble, stone, agglomerate, and ceramic. This machine performs cutting operations thanks to the combined use of blade and waterjet, and milling operations thanks to the tool installed on the shaft of the main motor. DONATONI DJ 6.6 is suitable for small or large companies that mainly manufacture kitchen and bathroom countertops, thresholds, staircase claddings, cladding panels, or for those companies who need a multi-purpose machine to perform all cutting operations with one machine. Like all DONATONI products, this machine is designed to provide maximum quality and reliability over time.

Max. number of axes5+1
Z-axis stroke (mm)450
C-axis rotation (°)-5 / 365
A-axis tilting (°)0 – 90
Spindle power (kW)13 (S6)
X-axis stroke (mm)4100
Y-axis stroke (mm)3500
Mass  (kg)7000
Water pressure (bar)4000
Max. cutting thickness with waterjet and blade (max. Ø530)  (mm)140
Max. cutting thickness with blade only (max. Ø625) (mm)200
Blade diameter in case of combined cut (max.) (mm)300-525
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