If you want to increase the level of quality of finished products and reduce losses in the production process, we can offer you the products of DELTAMAX AUTOMAZIONE, Italian producer of several types of systems for the industrial processes control in the glass processing sector. In this way, it is possible to notice defects, like fragmentation which can happen when tempering glass, along with mistakes, scratches, bubbles, fingerprints, etc.

The most important products are:

  • OPT, an innovative solution for detecting damage before each treatment without the need to wash the glass panel,
  • GLASS INSPECTOR which can classify defects on the glass. It can inspect and control glass of any shape. It can be used with double glazing lines, grinding, or drilling machines, tempering plants, laminating plants, etc.
  • Production Analyzer (PA), which can collect data from one or more scanners of the Glass Inspector type,
  • IGU scanner that detects visible defects in the transparent area, or detects bubbles, particles/inclusions, scratches, dust, various residues, including butyl.

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