DIAMUT is an italian company specialized in the production of tools for processing stone, ceramic materials and glass, with over 30 years  of experience. In 2002, DIAMUT has become part of the multinational company BIESSE Spa (together with INTERMAC), which enables constant investments in equipment and quality of production processes, global development and worldwide products placement. Today, in its factory in Lugo (RA), Italy, DIAMUT produces tools for almost all types of machines produced by the world’s leading manufacturers in the abovementioned sectors, along with special, tailor-made tools for the customers.

The application of advanced technological solutions during the tool production process in combination with professional skills of DIAMUT personnel is of key importance for achieving the highest quality standards in the tool production sector.

Here are some of DIAMUT’s innovative products:

  • Drills for CNC
  • CNC Milling cutters
  • Tools for kitchen tops
  • Peripheral grinding wheels
  • Writing tools and bas-relief tooling
  • Edge polishing tools
  • Tools for funerary art
  • Cutting discs for CNC
  • Tools for Dekton processing
  • Tools for sintered materials processing

DIAMUT products are subject to constant control to guarantee quality, functionality, reliability, and safety. Quality control refers to two key aspects, tool geometry (profile, dimensions, balancing) and metallurgical properties (alloy type, surface hardness, absence of microscopic defects).

Complete offer of tools and accessories for the most important applications in stone processing for furniture and construction industry as well as for production of monuments.

More info www.diamut.com

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