SCV SYSTEM, Italy, produces basic and auxiliary equipment for production of thermal insulation glass of excellent reliability, quality, and price ratio.  

The company produces butyl, hot melt, extruders, gas fillers, sand blasting machines and demineralizers, washing machines, IG lines, etc. Machines are made in accordance with all European Standards and contain components produced by renowned manufacturers (SIEMENS, TELEMECANIQUE, OMRON, MOTOVARIO…).

Double-glazing line consists of washing machine, glass preparation station and panel press. The movement of friction rollers in the panel press is achieved by chain system.

The sandblasting machine with work pressure of 6 bars can be equipped with one manual or two automatic guns and dust filter. Optionally, this machine may be equipped with Multizone containing 32 programmed zones.

Butyl extruder with tank capacity of 1 kg or 7kg. Profile thickness can range from 6 to 30mm. Simultaneously, the real working temperature may be displayed on butyl tank.

Since 2003 SCV System produces a diversified range of glass processing machines. Always responsive to the ever-changing needs of the market, SCV System develops innovative and reliable solutions to always guarantee high-class technical performance.

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