Since 1992 VITROSEP, Spain provides solutions for water treatment in the glass industry. Since the beginning, the company has been dedicated to the industrial sector, innovations, and the development of glass separators with the purpose of solving the problem of dry waste. After a long way with constant research, the objective was achieved – filtration technology was developed. A particularly interesting product is the CONITANK, which ensures the return of water from edge processing machines to the main tank. It prevents contamination and deposition of particles in the system. CONITANK doesn’t require assembly or additional construction works. CC11 is a separator, with a modern and compact design, that operates automatically and provides clean water and dry waste without the need for any installation or construction work.

The advantages of VITROSEP technology: reduction in diamond tools, water, and coolant consumption, supply of clean water used for CNC machining centers electrospindle cooling, easy disposal of dry waste and energy saving.

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