Case History Daks-96


Daks-96 took part in the reconstruction of the largest open museum in Sofia – LARGO. They manufactured bent, tempered and laminated glasses for the three glass roofs.


DAKS–96, one of the leading clients of ESTE TEAM, BIESSE dealer for the region of Balkans

Some of the most important DAKS–96 company milestones

Daks-96 was registered as limited liability company in 1996, although its actual operations started in 1994.

2012 – the company expands its production facility by purchasing an INTERMAC jumbo line for cutting monolithic and laminated glass, edging line and a line for laminating glass.

2014 – the company acquired Master 35 horizontal CNC in 2014.

2021 – new storage warehouse expansion 1200 m2, added an INTERMAC Vertical CNC Vertmax ONE with vertical washing machine.  

2022 – expanded cover area by 400 m2, added new INTERMAC Primus 322 water jet, new Vertmax 2.6 vertical CNC with vertical washing machine, new edging line Biesse F10 with horizontal washing machine and water cleaning system, new insulated glass line.  

Today, the company has about 80 employees and manufactures all types of glass for interiors, furniture and architecture. Main customers are construction companies, interior installers and furniture producers.

“Our main aim is to maintain the highest possible quality and to keep the customers satisfied”, says Mr Viktor Zdravkov, general manager of the company. He pointed out that all glass processing technology is important for Daks-96 as the final product quality depends on all the processes – from the cutting to the edging, bevelling, drilling, milling, tempering, bending, lamination, production of insulated glass, including decoration processes like printing and sandblasting. Our first Intermac machine was a cutting line Genius 46 LM-A + 61 CT acquired in 2012. “With Intermac machines we perform cutting of monolithic and laminated glass, shaped and straight polished edging on horizontal and vertical CNCs Master 35, Vertmax One and Vertmax 2.6, straight polished edging on edging line Biesse F10, drilling and milling on horizontal and vertical CNCs Master 35, Vertmax One and Vertmax 2.6, complex cutting and drilling on waterjet Primus 322. We would suggest Intermac/Este Team as machine supplier as we already did many times because of our mostly positive experience with the machines and the aftersales service. “  

Mr Viktor Zdravkov, general manager of Daks-96, Sofia, Bulgaria: “Software has an essential role in production as it allows us to process complicated orders with high precision. The new IC software on the vertical CNCs is much easier to use and allow us to save time in the process preparation which increases productivity. Automating processes reduce labor costs and provide higher productivity, quality, and recurrence. “

Capital Fort Sofia – laminated decorative glasses for interior facade.

Ellipse Center Sofia – tempered laminated glasses for interior balustrades