VELA 7.2


Vela 7.2 is the vertical, compact, and innovative edge polisher that allows the polishing of flat edges of granite, quartz, ceramic, and marble from 10 to 60 mm thick.

  • Absolute quality and reliability guaranteed over time
  • Maximum machining precision and stability
  • Perfect adherence even to narrow pieces thanks to the innovative conveyor system
  • Practical and extremely easy to use

Vela 7.2 is the ideal edge polisher for making splash backs, skirting boards, window sills, etc. It is suitable for all large companies that require a dedicated machine to work pieces that are difficult to process with traditional machines, due to their small size. The possibility to equip the machine with additional rack also allows to machine pieces up to 2 meters in height.

Overall dimensions (mm)3250x1500x1500
Min. working length (mm)60
Min. working width (mm)45
Min./max. thickness (mm)10-60
Conveyor belt speed (mm/min)0-3500
Power (kW)18-21
Water consumption (l/min)150-175
Air consumption (l/min)20
Mass (kg)2100

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