Machine for milling and bending of architectural panels edges

The aluminium composite materials (Alucobond®, etc.) consist of core and two aluminium skins that are always exposed. Alu Bender is designed to bend and close the edges, and therefore protect the core and give a clean finished look.

The aluminium honeycomb panels (Larcore®, Alucore®, etc.) which always have the inside aluminium skins exposed can also be processed on the Alubender to cover and protect the edges.

After a certain part of bond layer is milled, the edges of sheet metal are bent by a system of rollers and the edge is being closed. Complete closing with rivets is also possible by double bending procedure.

The aluminium composite panels, panels in plastic laminates (HPL, etc.) and aluminium honeycomb materials of all dimensions can be processed on the ALU BENDER.

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