Special materials for individual and complex technical projects.

Originally conceived as a laboratory for process development for Hornos Pujol, this unit now produces PDLC and AB-AR films and provides chemical tempering services. It also offers materials used less frequently, such as laminated insertions.

Unique projects can be carried out thanks to these products. 

PDLC is a material that allows turning transparent glass into opaque. It is achieved by applying an electrical current inside the liquid crystals where the molecules are aligned to allow or prevent the passage of light. Laminated PDLC is ideal for both architectural and decorative applications.

AB-AR is a structural post-breakage interlayer designed to provide additional safety, load capacity and lower weight of the laminated glass. It’s ideal for façades, structural windbreakers, staircases, balustrades, canopies, and anti-vandal glass applications. 

More info www.ionbypujol.com

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